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You need to report on your business’s environmental and social impact and are looking for a streamlined approach?

Welcome to Demetrics, where we support you in collecting your environmental and social data in a traceable and auditable manner, optimizing resource utilization.

We accomplish this by seamlessly integrating all relevant environmental and social metrics into your financial accounting processes through the power of machine learning.

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elevate your financial accounting with non-financial metrics

By harnessing the power of machine learning, we extract and analyze essential non-financial data from your existing financial accounts, enabling your business to meet sustainability reporting standards more effectively.

What we do
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Comply with regulation

Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring your company is fully compliant with climate regulations and standards (CSRD, IFRS).

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Simplify non-financial data collection

We make it easy for your business to gather and manage essential non financial data, helping you focus on what truly matters – making informed decisions and achieving sustainability goals.

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Save internal ressources

Save valuable resources by aligning the sustainability and finance efforts. Our solution reduces redundancy, streamlines processes, and enhances efficiency.

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